Meet Heather

Down to the noodly-doodly.

I’m Heather, resident writer and aspiring velociraptor. My first love will probably always be masking tape, but reading and writing top the list after that. You’ll be relieved to know that Sometimes I’m a Story focuses on the latter two.

Books? Yeah, I love those things. GIVE ME MORAL ABIGUITY OR GIVE ME DEATH. OR GIVE ME BOTH. (This explains why H.I.V.E. by Mark Walden is my favorite series.) If you like speculative YA novels, retellings, or even literary fiction, I expect we’ll have plenty to talk about.

You can count on me to talk about YA novels, women, and villains—and maybe some of my own writing (eek!)—in the most irreverent of ways. Previously, I’ve discussed these issues through the use of

For some reason, mortality keeps coming up, too.

Let’s talk! Hit me up on my contact page or on my latest discussion—I’d love to see you there!


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